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from Facebook: Ghostbusters is not a flop

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  • RogerBW

    Rules of thumb vary, but generally a domestic gross of 2-3× budget seems to be accepted as “making money”. But that’s only a very rough figure, because budget doesn’t include marketing, and domestic gross doesn’t include either international cinema viewings or DVD/VoD/etc. or, for that matter, all the merchandising.

    And Hollywood accountants regard themselves as creative types along with everyone else there.

  • Globally, the film’s box office has passed the announced production budget (so, far less than 2-3x it will need), but it has yet to open in some major markets, including France, Spain, and (the biggie) Japan. But as Rouner notes in the piece, the Ghostbusters *brand* has been revitalized in a big way, and it will now continue to be a moneymaker in all sorts of ancillary ways.

  • RogerBW

    Absolutely. Domestic gross vs production budget is the most widely-available number, but some of the most successful films lost money by that ranking – as you say, it’s the merchandising around the film that’s much bigger business.

  • Venaborn

    Ohhh i just love when people saying nonsense like these. News from germany it bombed there too.
    So i truly doubt that movie break even in these few remaining territories. Not evan close. Right now movie needs more then 150M to just broke even.
    And revilatization of brand ?! Yeah that the reason why game bombed evan worse then movie. And toys are selling under prize.
    This movie is total catastrophy on all fronts.

  • Right now movie needs more then 150M to just broke even.

    It’s already well past that. But thanks for playing!

  • Venaborn

    Thx for showing your ignorance. You have no idea how box office works, did you ?
    So i will tell you. Cost of this movie is 144 millions but that just basic cost. This movie marketing cost is at least another 100.
    Moreover Sony didn’t get full prize of tickets but just 50% because cinemas get second hold. Only in USA in rest of the world that percentage is evan higher.
    So yes sony can have around 80 millions right now.
    And here is link to youtebe video which exlains exactly how much money this movie needs to break evan or suceed.
    So tell me again how this movie break evan ?

  • Mansplaining at its finest.

  • TonkaTuck

    Maybe he wouldn’t have had to explain it to you had you not chosen to make ignorant statements about the movie making it’s production budget back based on gross ticket sales instead of net ticket sales.

    Then of course there’s the fun part where you quoted a piece of his statement, clearly not grasping it’s meaning, so you could offer what you probably thought was a witty response. Too bad he was saying it needed an additional $150 Million, on top of what it’s already made, just to break even (which is in line with Sony’s statements that it needs around $300 Million in gross sales to break even). So your reply was simply false.

    I guess it’s easier to blame “mansplaining” than take responsibility for your sloppy research, childish behavior, or just simply admitting you made a mistake.

  • You wanna play here? You play nice. Dude regurgitates what I said in an earlier comment and acts like he’s teaching me something? He’s gonna get smacked.

  • TonkaTuck

    So everyone else needs to play nice while you consistently act like a child? Sounds rather hypocritical, especially from the person writing “He’s gonna get smacked” due to some words on a screen. Perhaps people are simply showing you the same level of respect they see you showing others in your posts and replies.

    Although, it’s interesting you think threatening to smack men for their opinions is acceptable, but would be outraged if a man threatened to smack a woman for her opinions.

  • MaryAnnJohansonlickedmyanus

    Nah. You are weak and ineffectual, whether online or off. All you can do is whine and feel jealous of others.

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