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from Facebook: John Oliver on the trouble journalism is in

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  • Nathan

    What are your thoughts on Last Week Tonight? John Oliver and team seem to do pretty good overviews on their chosen topics.

  • Nathan

    Newspapers should get on crowdfunding, I’d pay $10 a month to keep a quality paper going.

  • Bluejay

    I’d pay $10 a month to keep a quality paper going.

    How about a quality film review site? (If you aren’t already.)


  • Most local papers I’m familiar with offer digital subscriptions at a discounted rate. However, the advertisers prefer the printed product, as there is a greater chance readers will see the ads.

  • But ad revenue has plummeted, so the advertisers are not paying anywhere near what they used to.

  • I can assure you that the vast majority of the people reading this site are *not* subscribers.

  • I’ve never seen an actual episode (though I do have an HBO Now subscription). There’s just no time.

  • Not inconsistent with what I’ve written. Ad revenue for newspapers is falling because the print circulations are down and it’s much easier to circumvent the ads in digital form.

  • Bluejay

    Yeah, I’m just trying to nudge. Especially when a commenter has said that they’d happily pay for quality content. :-)

  • Nathan

    I am a subscriber. This is the site I throw at people who think Hollywood is pandering to “SJWs,” maybe 1 out of 100 will realize how silly they’re being.

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