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from Facebook: Matt Damon as a Chinese hero?

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  • RogerBW

    Apart from Damon and Willem Dafoe, the rest of the cast is Chinese; this is what it takes to make money in the US as well as in China. I’m more concerned about the identification of the Eurasian steppe nomads with subhuman monsters, personally.

    I thought last year’s Dragon Blade was going to do this, but in the end it had a tiny US opening, just enough that it can’t be called “direct to DVD”.

  • Jurgan

    Yeah, this is getting old. A Chinese-American friend of mine was just talking about how disgusting this trope is the other day.

    The one thing I’m happy for is that the American Akira movie appears to be dead. That was doomed to suck.

  • Nathan

    Come on, if you need the star power make him a side character narrating the events he witnessed or something.

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