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from Facebook: blame the American press for Donald Trump

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  • Arthur

    The fault goes both ways. The news media is giving the public what it wants. I despise Trump, but I confess to being drawn to his coverage the way I’d slow as I pass a traffic accident. The only remedy would be to divorce the media from financial concerns, but then the media would simply be beholden to a different audience, i.e. whoever is paying.

  • The news media is giving the public what it wants.

    That is not the job of the news media.

  • Arthur

    Without a doubt. But I think both the media (as a business) and special interests conspire against what we both want: intelligent commentary that doesn’t create false equivalencies. Even when such commentary exists, those whose ox it gores would discredit it.

  • RogerBW

    Well, it might work better than giving the advertisers what they want.

  • SaltHarvest

    As long as guilt by association is a campaign strategy, enjoy the company of gamergate in criticizing the press.

  • What?

  • Danielm80

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