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from Facebook: there are no fairy tales…

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  • Bluejay

    There are no fairy tales, and there are no happily ever afters.

    Sure there are; they just aren’t necessarily what we expect them to be.


  • Danielm80

    It’s a fairy-tale ending for Jennifer Aniston, as long as Brad and Angelina dance in red-hot iron shoes until they’re dead.

  • RogerBW

    This is a thing? Why? Apart from people who actually know them, who cares?

  • Because Hollywood is all about fantasy, and they embodied a certain fantasy of romantic love.

  • Louisa

    They may happen to work in Hollywood, but they are two real human beings with a real marriage and real feelings. Regardless of how interested we may be in their careers, their marriage is their own personal business. And it certainly doesn’t reflect on the marriage chances of anybody else.

    There are many couples who have married, weathered every storm together, and lasted till the end. And there will be many more. It does happen, and it will keep on happening, REGARDLESS of what happens to any celebrity couple. You know this. So what is your point?

    Because without further clarification, it is going to look like your only real point is to gloat over another woman’s misfortune. Like every other woman in media who I have seen commenting on this. Which it seems to me would go against your principles and the point of your website. But I could be wrong.

  • Louisa

    I think any normal woman’s capacity for vindictiveness would be more than satisfied by the fact that Ms. Jolie lost her breasts and her ovaries to cancer, and continues to struggle with her health. Why her continued misfortune is a joke to some people I don’t know. But they should own their own spite, and stop projecting it onto Ms. Aniston.

  • I have no idea where your comment is coming from. Where am I gloating? Where have I suggested that Jolie and Pitt are not real human beings with real feelings?

    I think you are reading something into this post that simply is not there.

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