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from Facebook: we need to be taught to empathize with flawed women

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  • RogerBW

    But let’s not just have a slew of films about womanchildren whose lives are a mess but who “deserve” to get the hot guy anyway. (Some might argue that the modern rom-com is already this.)

    Stephanie Zacharek was just saying the opposite thing in her Time review of The Girl on the Train, that in a culture which is trying to be progressive ‘if a woman character is nuts or scheming or both—let’s call her “difficult”—she has to have a good reason for being that way, preferably a psychotic, controlling man’. I was trying to work out why that was rubbing me wrong.

    As for Clinton, I think this is mostly the usual American anti-intellectualism being pushed to extremes. She thinks before she speaks? That must mean she’s not SINCERE. She also has the disadvantage of being the one candidate, even back during the primaries, who was advocating for something close to “business as usual” rather than radical change, and that’s an intrinsically un-exciting message for a media that demands excitement. And there’s the institutional sexism on top of that.

  • CParis

    Great points.
    And the 24/7 TV news cycle has become 5 minute Tweet cycle. Not just for millenials, but many people feel the need for constant updates, instant responses, etc.
    Leading a country or even a company requires being able to think and act strategically. In many cases the first response is not tge best one.

  • Danielm80

    Lauren Faust wrote a terrific essay that deals with some of the same ideas. It happens to be the introduction to a collection of Phoebe and Her Unicorn comic strips. Unfortunately, as far as I can tell, the essay isn’t online, but there are a few quotes from it in this article:


    My cunning plan is that everyone who reads the article will get addicted to the comic strip–which is fantastic–and go out and buy all the collections, so they’ll end up with a copy of the essay and also make Dana Simpson, the cartoonist, astoundingly wealthy.

  • But let’s not just have a slew of films about womanchildren whose lives are a mess but who “deserve” to get the hot guy anyway.

    No, but the guy-centered ones would be less of a problem in the grander scheme if there were lots of the same stories about women.

  • Nathan

    Reminds me somewhat of Calvin and Hobbes but with more dialogue comedy instead of situational and setting based comedy. Snappy. I like it.

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