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curated: Trump’s Muslim ban will keep Asghar Farhadi from attending Oscars

In America 2017, an acclaimed filmmaker is forbidden from entering the country.

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  • Bluejay
  • LaSargenta

    We should cancel the Oscars. There are people here who now cannot leave for fear they can’t get back in and there are people who were going to be here and can’t.

  • bronxbee

    but what will that actually accomplish?

  • I fear that the right-wing idiots would claim that as a win.

    It might be a nice fuck-you to them, though, if the Oscars had people appear by Skype or satellite, or made some other gesture to demonstrate that artists will not be stopped from speaking.

  • LaSargenta

    That would depend on the alternative activity that those who would have been at the Oscars take up. It could be made into something like an Artistic General Strike … no red carpet and lots of disciplined, on-message people *still* making speeches, this time in support of their artistic colleagues around the world and across class lines.

    A fantasy.

    But, what does any gesture accomplish? Right now they all serve to remind that this is not a ‘normal’ time.

  • Danielm80

    It could be made into something like an Artistic General Strike …

    Wasn’t that an Ayn Rand novel?

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