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part of a small rebellion | by maryann johanson

curated: when an 80-year-old book becomes a hot property

Everything old is new again (fascism edition).

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  • Danielm80
  • Yes, but it makes me sad to have confirmation of the fact that many adults do not read above an elementary-school level. These aren’t obscure words that are trending on the Merriam-Webster Web site. :-(

  • Dent

    Have you ever read any of James Patterson’s novels? Some pretty unintentionally hilarious stuff in there, especially in his YA portfolio.

  • I don’t think so, but what’s the connection?

  • RicoSuave

    An interesting trivia about what happened a tv adaptation:

    “To make the script more marketable, the American fascists were re-cast as man-eating extraterrestrials, taking the story into the realm of science fiction. The revised story became the miniseries V, which premiered May 3, 1983.”

  • Dent

    I see them on the bestsellers shelf at every bookstore I go to, so even people who do read for fun often seem to gravitate towards unchallenging stuff. Which might be why the Hunger Games and Harry Potter sold so well, not that they’re bad books.

  • Bluejay

    A lot of readers *do* enjoy reading light stuff for fun, but Hunger Games and Harry Potter are not good examples of “unchallenging” works. They tackle some pretty tough and relevant social and political themes, arguably better than a lot of “grownup” lit does.

    Also, since children’s/YA books put a premium on interesting stories, it’s no wonder they attract a wider audience. “…those adults who truly enjoy story, and plot, and character, and who would like to find books in which the events matter and which at the same time are works of literary art where the writers have used all the resources of their craft, could hardly do better than to look among the children’s books.” — Philip Pullman

  • Danielm80

    I would upvote this comment more than once if I could.

    The Pullman quote reminds me a little of Neil Gaiman’s introduction to a collection called Stories. You can read the introduction here:


  • Dent

    Fair enough, I suppose I’m more irritated by the trend franchises like Harry Potter started then the works themselves.

  • Tonio Kruger

    Wow! Those people who write 80-year-old books must have all the fun!:-)

  • Danielm80

    They do. William Goldman had a ton of fun writing S. Morgenstern’s book The Princess Bride.

  • Danielm80
  • Tonio Kruger

    Not quite what I mean but still…

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