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curated: the NEA is not compatible with the Trump agenda

So of course they want to abolish it.

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  • Bluejay

    There was a segment on NPR this morning about scientists who were hesitant about participating in the Science March, because they didn’t want science to be labelled as partisan. And in a sane world, science — and the arts — SHOULD have bipartisan support; anyone on any point of the political spectrum should be able to recognize the value of those things. But when one political party has basically declared itself against INTELLECT, against the very relevance and existence of science and the arts, then what choice do science and arts advocates have BUT to take a political side?

    Make your calls and write your letters, people.




  • RogerBW

    Being a scientist is already a political position, in effect.

    It’s reasonable to say that the enemy will use this to say “see, they are opposed to us” – but, well, that’s true. And very few people will change their minds anyway.

  • Dent

    I’ve linked this before but I think it’s worth having it here. Just because of how relevant it is to this conversation. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9wUePyAqPuk

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