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part of a small rebellion | by maryann johanson

curated: male authors, and the (mostly anonymous) women who typed their manuscripts

“Gee, honey, you know I don’t know how to type, and you’re so good at it…”

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  • Dent

    What’s wrong with simply making it a co-authorship? That’s what a few of these examples are calling for.

  • Anna

    Women shouldn’t be expected to do all the typing, and they should be compensated and recognized for it if they do. That said, I don’t think typing someone else’s writing makes you a co-author. I mean, would it be right to say a man who typed a woman’s handwritten novel co-wrote it with her?

  • Bluejay

    It depends. In at least one case mentioned — where the wife actually did the husband’s primary research, revised and indexed, etc — I think a co-author credit is definitely deserved.

  • But… they’re women. Their work doesn’t really count. Certainly not measured against the great academic man.

  • I’d love for someone to find a single example of a female author thanking her (unnamed) husband for the grunt work he did on her novel!

    No, simply typing a manuscript does not warrant a coauthorship. But some of the examples go beyond that. And will you at least concede that these “wives” at least deserve to have their names mentioned?

  • Anna

    Yes, I concede that – that’s what I was trying to say with “and recognized for it”. And I do see now that some of the examples go beyond that – I should have looked more carefully before. Sorry.

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