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curated: no, oldster rock stars probably don’t want to be touring…

But even the megastars can’t make a living off album sales anymore.

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  • Kathy_A

    My current favorite group, Pentatonix (yes, I am an acapella-loving dork!), just lost their bass singer because of their intense touring schedule (he burnt out after five years on the road), and they’re an anomaly because their record sales are actually good in comparison to the norm (their latest Christmas album had about 40% of the Billboard chart numbers from actual sales instead of streaming, which is very high).

  • Bluejay

    His new band, however, sounds gorgeous. :-)

  • RogerBW

    Ten or twenty years ago most musicians with record company contracts weren’t making any money except on tour, even though people were still buying albums. Anyone might think the record companies were more interested in gold-plated hookers than in paying the artists.

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