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2017’s films ranked

This ranking includes only new theatrical releases viewed for the awards year of 2017 (for eligibility for the Academy Awards and the OFCS and AWFJ awards); some films released in the UK without US releases (and so ineligible for those awards this year) may also be included, for my own bookkeeping purposes. Links go to my review. Numbers after each entry are Date First Viewed/NYC Release Date/London Release Date; year is 2017 unless otherwise noted.

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my reaction under gag order for now

Home Again (09.05/09.08/09.29)

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my reaction under consideration

[none at the moment]

green light
worth paying multiplex prices for

[5 stars]
Get Out (03.07/02.24/03.17)
Colossal (04.18/04.07/05.19)
The Girl with All the Gifts (07.26.16/02.24/09.23.16)
A Ghost Story (08.08/07.07/08.11)
It Comes at Night (07.07/06.09/07.07)
City of Ghosts (07.17/07.07/07.21)
The Lego Batman Movie (02.04/02.10/02.10)
Logan (02.17/03.03/03.01)
War for the Planet of the Apes (06.21/07.14/07.11)
Their Finest (10.13.16/04.07/04.21)
Lady Macbeth (10.13.16/07.14/04.28)
Dunkirk (07.17/07.21/07.21)
Lost in Paris (Paris pieds nus) (06.16/06.16/TBA)
Ingrid Goes West (08.28/08.11/11.17)
A United Kingdom (10.05.16/02.10/11.25.16)
The Red Turtle (09.22.16/01.20/TBA)
Prevenge (10.12.16/03.24/02.10)
La Soledad (08.16/TBA/08.18)
All This Panic (09.28.16/03.31/03.24)
Letters from Baghdad (04.20/06.02/04.21)
Oscar Nominated Documentary Shorts (89th Academy Awards) (02.06/02.08/direct to VOD)

[4.5 stars]
Wonder Woman (06.03/06.02/06.01)
Maudie (05.17/06.16/08.04)
Battle of the Sexes (09.16/09.22/11.24)
Detroit (08.21/07.28/08.25)
Patti Cake$ (08.05/08.18/09.01)
California Typewriter (08.24/08.18/TBA)
The Big Sick (07.24/06.23/07.28)
500 Years (07.15/07.12/TBA)
The Midwife (Sage femme) (07.07/07.21/07.07)
A Good American (09.17.16/02.03/09.23.16)
Speed Sisters (02.16.16/02.10/03.25.16)
The Promise (04.24/04.21/04.28)
Kong: Skull Island (03.02/03.10/03.09)

[4 stars]
Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie (07.15/06.02/07.24)
Spider-Man: Homecoming (07.05/07.07/07.05)
Another Mother’s Son (02.21/TBA/03.24)
Oscar Nominated Animated Shorts (89th Academy Awards) (02.20/02.08/direct to VOD)
Personal Shopper (10.09.16/03.10/03.17)
The Survivalist (04.19.16/05.19/02.12.16)
God Knows Where I Am (04.07/03.31/04.14)
The Salesman (01.31/01.27/03.17)
Raw (04.04/03.01/04.07)
The Beguiled (06.20/06.23/07.14)
Step (07.21/08.04/08.11)
God’s Own Country (08.07/10.27/09.01)
Borg vs McEnroe (09.11/TBA/09.22)
My Pure Land (09.12/TBA/09.15)
The Unknown Girl (12.02.16/08.25/12.02.16)
Pecking Order (08.24/TBA/09.29)
The Commune (05.28/05.19/07.29.16)
Lost in London (04.30/TBA/05.05)
The Great Wall (02.16/02.17/02.16)
The Chamber (01.18/TBA/03.10)
Victoria & Abdul (09.12/09.22/09.15)
Wind River (07.20/08.04/09.08)
Urban Hymn (08.01/05.12.17/09.30)
The Women’s Balcony (Ismach Hatani) (07.06/05.26/TBA)
Pilgrimage (07.28/08.11/direct to VOD)
Megan Leavey (06.19/06.09/TBA)
Final Portrait (08.18/TBA/08.18)
Finding Kim (05.29/05.31/TBA)
Through the Wall (aka The Wedding Plan) (05.28/05.12/12.16.16)
The Zookeeper’s Wife (04.22/03.31/04.21)
Dolores (09.09/09.01/TBA)
Queen of the Desert (04.03/04.07/TBA)
Catfight (02.22/03.03/03.10)
Viceroy’s House (02.17/09.01/03.03)
Birthright: A War Story (07.21/07.14/TBA)

[3.5 stars]
13 Minutes (aka Elser) (07.13.15/06.30/07.17.15)
The Limehouse Golem (08.23/09.08/09.01)
I Do… Until I Don’t (09.01/09.01/TBA)
Landline (07.27/07.21/TBA)
6 Days (08.18/08.18/TBA)
The Glass Castle (08.16/08.11/10.06)
The Lost City of Z (04.12/04.14/03.24)
John Wick: Chapter 2 (02.17/02.10/02.17)
Brimstone (10.12.16/03.10/TBA)
T2 Trainspotting (01.27/03.17/01.27)
Mindhorn (03.29/direct to Netflix/05.05)
The Void (03.29/04.07/03.31)
Carrie Pilby (03.30/03.31/direct to VOD)
Oscar Nominated Live Action Shorts (89th Academy Awards) (02.22/02.08/02.08)
My Scientology Movie (01.11/03.10/10.07.16)
Antarctica: Ice and Sky (aka Ice and the Sky) (La glace et le ciel) (01.19/01.20/12.11.15)
The Last Laugh (03.03/03.03/direct to VOD)

yellow for maybe
worth seeing, but wait for DVD, unless your favorite actor is in it

[3 stars]
American Made (08.23/09.29/08.25)
Clash (Eshtebak) (04.06/08.25/04.21)
Logan Lucky (08.22/08.18/08.25)
The Dark Tower (08.18/08.04/08.18)
Girls Trip (07.26/07.21/07.26)
Everything, Everything (08.09/05.19/08.18)
The Bad Batch (06.15/06.23/TBA)
Spaceship (09.23.16/Nov/05.19)
Unlocked (03.28/09.01/05.05)
Despicable Me 3 (06.30/06.30/06.30)
Snatched (05.19/05.12/05.19)
Aaron’s Blood (05.29/06.02/TBA)
Mean Dreams (03.15/03.17/TBA)
Kushuthara: Pattern of Love (04.01/03.03/04.07)

[2.5 stars]
Atomic Blonde (08.03/07.28/08.09)
The Journey (06.12/06.16/05.05)
Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (04.24/05.05/04.28)
The Sense of an Ending (04.06/03.10/04.14)
City of Tiny Lights (03.20/TBA/04.07)
47 Meters Down (06.14/06.16/07.26)
Beauty and the Beast (03.12/03.17/03.17)
XX (02.16/02.16/TBA)
Finding Fatimah (04.05/05.12/04.21)

red for no
give it a miss

[2 stars]
Baby Driver (07.01/06.28/06.28)
Free Fire (10.16.16/04.21/03.31)
It (09.08/09.08/09.08)
Alien: Covenant (05.04/05.19/05.12)
Cars 3 (07/11/06.16/07.14)
The Levelling (04.19/03.24/05.12)
Lowriders (05.02/05.12/04.28)
American Assassin (09.14/09.15/09.14)
Hampstead (08.01/TBA/06.23)
The Last Word (07.06/03.03/07.07)
The Belko Experiment (03.16/03.17/04.21)
Ghost in the Shell (03.27/03.31/03.30)
Churchill (05.31/06.02/06.16)
Bokeh (03.23/03.24/direct to VOD)
The Boss Baby (04.02/03.31/04.01)
Whisky Galore! (05.12/05.12/05.05)
Scribe (La mécanique de l’ombre) (07.20/TBA/07.21)
England Is Mine (08.25/08.25/08.04)
100 Streets (09.21.16/01.13/11.11.16)
Rings (02.03/02.03/02.03)
Split (01.20/01.20/01.20)
Going in Style (04.07/04.07/04.07)
Power Rangers (03.24/03.24/03.24)

[1.5 stars]
Fun Mom Dinner (08.04/08.04/direct to VOD)
Friend Request (09.14/09.22/04.20.16)
Below Her Mouth (04.28/04.28/TBA)
Smurfs: The Lost Village (03.26/04.07/03.31)
Aftermath (02.13/04.07/04.07)
The Space Between Us (02.10/02.03/02.10)
The White King (11.02.16/TBA/01.27)

[1 star]
Pirates of the Caribbean: Salazar’s Revenge (aka Dead Men Tell No Tales) (05.18/05.26/05.25)
A Cure for Wellness (02.20/02.17/02.24)
Annabelle: Creation (08.01/08.11/08.11)
King Arthur: Legend of the Sword (05.17/05.12/05.19)
Monster Trucks (12.18.16/01.13/12.16.16)
The Mummy (06.13/06.09/06.09)
Life (03.24/03.24/03.24)
Dig Two Graves (03.23/03.24/TBA)
xXx: The Return of Xander Cage (01.19/01.20/01.19)
War on Everyone (09.06.16/02.03/10.07.16)
Una (10.08.16/TBA/09.01)
Fast & Furious 8 (aka The Fate of the Furious) (04.10/04.14/04.12)
Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets (08.02/07.21/08.02)
The Vault (09.05/09.01/09.08)
Wish Upon (07.12/07.14/07.28)
Fifty Shades Darker (02.10/02.10/02.10)
Wakefield (05.25/05.19/direct to VOD)
The Hitman’s Bodyguard (08.17/08.18/08.17)
Overdrive (08.11/TBA/08.11)
Hounds of Love (07.27/05.12/07.28)
The Book of Henry (06.29/06.16/06.23)

[.5 stars]
Baywatch (05.22/05.25/05.29)
The Shack (06.09/03.03/06.09)
The Blackcoat’s Daughter (04.11/03.31/TBA)
The Last Shaman (05.10/05.12/TBA)
The House (06.29/06.30/06.30)
Leap! (aka Ballerina) (03.26/08.25/12.19.16)

[0 stars]
Unforgettable (04.21/04.21/04.21)
CHiPs (03.25/03.24/03.24)
The Bye Bye Man (01.14/01.13/01.13)
The Ottoman Lieutenant (03.10/03.10/direct to VOD)
Transformers: The Last Knight (06.29/06.21/06.22)
The Emoji Movie (08.02/07.28/08.02)
mother! (09.05/09.15/09.15)

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    Will there be an Emoji Movie review pretty soon? I hope so!

  • Yes, as soon as I can get my head around it!

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