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part of a small rebellion | by maryann johanson

curated: “Darren Aronofsky’s ‘Mother!’ Has a Muse Problem”

Pretty much exactly what I said in my review.

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  • amanohyo

    There are ancient Greek philosophers who would yawn at the ideas in the film. As your review and this article state, whatever feminist perspective the film claims to hold regarding women being ignored, used, and abused by brilliant, poetic men is severely undercut by the lack of character development for Mother herself (this lack is a flaw in all of Aronofsky’s work) and the implication that the female muse’s/Earth’s suffering is a necessary component in the production and birth of artistic genius.

    Another thing that bugs me is that in this supposedly avant-garde rated R film with obvious biblical references that includes graphic scenes of violence against many people including a woman and an infant, great lengths are made to avoid male and female nudity. Lawrence is shot a couple times in a see-through nightgown in an almost Victoria Secret model fashion. Even the sex scene fades out immediately like some kind of 80’s made for TV movie. For chuckles, I imagined the Forte/Wiig love scene from Magruber (still the funniest sex ever filmed) cutting in after the fade with Lawrence’s and Bardem’s faces superimposed.

    It feels strangely prudish and at odds with the tone of a film that tries so hard to shock in a no-holds-barred manner visually. Just another example of the gross mismatch between the audacity of the cinematography/sound design and the underdeveloped banality and centuries old (millennia old even) gender dynamics of the storytelling. I suppose Aronofsky was going for a timeless allegory, but it ends up feeling hopelessly dated and dangerously regressive. At the end of the first act, I thought your review was too harsh, but by the third I realized if anything, you were too generous.

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