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Wed, Sep 27, 2017 1:46pm

How disappointing. I would love to spin this as primarily a result of the globalization of the entertainment industry, that in order to make mainstream films (and music) more palatable in foreign markets, producers have intentionally targeted the lowest common denominator. However, as much as I want this to be the driving factor, I fear it’s also indicative of the mindset and honest beliefs of the majority of the people, still mostly men, who pluck corporate financial strings.

It feels anecdotally as though television is getting more egalitarian in both the US and the UK – but I remember seeing an article a couple years ago claiming that the ratio was approximately 2:1 on the telly too. I guess it’s all up to internet content now. We’re at the end of an action movie after the two bland leads have been knocked unconscious and the camera is slowly panning in bemused despair to the frightened, determined faces of the comic relief and token geek.