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curated: Harry Knowles is a total creep

The allegations go way beyond one incident 20 years ago.

This is a different woman from the one mentioned in the Indiewire article:


(Source: @MissBrittHayes. Check out the actual tweet for a thread with more details, including other women making similar allegations.)

It seems to be mostly men who are surprised by these revelations. I cannot imagine that any woman who has read some of the perverse, drooling-fanboy shit that passes for film and TV criticism in Harry Knowles’s head hadn’t long ago come to the conclusion that he is a mega creep. Examples, if you must: Urban Legend, Blade 2, Wrong Turn, and perhaps worst of all, Heroes (the TV show).

This is not some anonymous fanboy writing on a blog that no one reads. Hollywood has courted this guy, feted him. He has been considered an important voice in online film criticism. He’s made a lot of money off this junk, and he’s made it more difficult for other critics to be taken seriously. And Ain’t It Cool News is still an extremely popular site.

This matters… and it won’t make a lick of difference. Knowles’s career will barely be impacted by it.

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