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curated: Harry Knowles is a total creep

The allegations go way beyond one incident 20 years ago.

This is a different woman from the one mentioned in the Indiewire article:


(Source: @MissBrittHayes. Check out the actual tweet for a thread with more details, including other women making similar allegations.)

It seems to be mostly men who are surprised by these revelations. I cannot imagine that any woman who has read some of the perverse, drooling-fanboy shit that passes for film and TV criticism in Harry Knowles’s head hadn’t long ago come to the conclusion that he is a mega creep. Examples, if you must: Urban Legend, Blade 2, Wrong Turn, and perhaps worst of all, Heroes (the TV show).

This is not some anonymous fanboy writing on a blog that no one reads. Hollywood has courted this guy, feted him. He has been considered an important voice in online film criticism. He’s made a lot of money off this junk, and he’s made it more difficult for other critics to be taken seriously. And Ain’t It Cool News is still an extremely popular site.

This matters… and it won’t make a lick of difference. Knowles’s career will barely be impacted by it.

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  • Art Haack

    So it “seems” to you that men are surprised, but you “imagine” that women are not?

    Why are you trying to divide your audience when it “seems” to anyone familiar with Knowles and his writing (male or female) that he is indeed a creep?

  • DarthDiggler 3.0

    He barely has a career anymore. After fleecing people on Kickstarter, openly seeking “pwesents” in exchange for good reviews and some truly disgusting commentary, this should be the final nail in AICN’s coffin. Good riddance.

  • slumdog hundredaire

    Harry shut down all the discussion comments on his site to stifle the criticism….

  • Djimd

    Nobody is surprised and nobody takes his reviews seriously. And most of the “community” on his website go there just for the disqus talkbacks where people relentlessly trash the creep.

    This has been the status quo for years.

  • Bluejay

    Most of my experience with AICN has been reading their other reviewers (many of whom have now quit the site). I generally found Knowles’ own reviews unreadable and tended to ignore or gloss over his contributions, and I’m ashamed not to have paid attention to his creep factor before. That’s on me.

  • So it “seems” to you that men are surprised, but you “imagine” that women are not?

    I am seeing plenty of men saying they are surprised, and plenty of women saying they are not. It’s not that complicated.

    If what I say doesn’t include you, then it doesn’t include you. But you had to go straight to #NotAllMen, huh?

  • AICN is still an *extremely* popular site. As I said in the post.

  • Nobody is surprised and nobody takes his reviews seriously.

    And yet AICN is still enormously popular.

    most of the “community” on his website go there just for the disqus talkbacks where people relentlessly trash the creep.

    All those people are enabling him. They’ve giving him traffic and ad revenue.

  • Djimd

    WERE enabling him. Not anymore. The point is that as a casual talkbacker, most of us had no reason to even suspect Harry had committed any crimes. And we’re not going back to his site.

    I think Harry is finished.

  • Art Haack

    No actually, YOU went straight to that… after providing no evidence to support your claim that reaction to this story is split according to gender.

    I’m seeing plenty of men AND women saying they are not surprised by this story, and are disgusted by it. But you had to make yourself the victim, huh?

  • DarthDiggler 3.0

    It doesn’t hold a candle to its late ’90s heyday in terms of content, popularity or cultural relevancy. Of late, it’s served primarily as a talkback hangout for trolls.

  • Commodore_Schmidlapp

    But it’s not extremely popular anymore. AICN has struggled in recent years.

  • EvilAsh

    AICN will soon be non-existent as the talkbacks have been shut down and THATS the main reason people go there, for the brilliant satire and wit. With the TBs gone, the site will cease to exist.

  • providing no actual evidence that reaction to this story is split according to gender

    Because I said no such thing.

    But you had to make yourself the victim, huh?


    You need to work on your reading comprehension.

  • It may be struggling financially, as so many other sites are, but it still has really high levels of traffic.

  • Art Haack

    Yes, you did say such a thing.

    “It seems to be mostly men who are surprised by these revelations.”

  • Bluejay

    She says she’s seeing lots of surprised men and unsurprised women. You say you’re seeing both unsurprised men and women. So it’s her anecdata versus your anecdata. In the absence of hard evidence (which you want her to supply, but tellingly aren’t supplying yourself), why should she go with your subjective experience instead of hers?

    This also seems to be a pretty tangential and trivial point to get hostile over. It’s not the main point of her post. Her point is that Knowles is a creep, and you agree. So what’s the problem, exactly?

  • You’re kidding, right?

    “mostly men who are surprised” DOES NOT EQUAL “most men are surprised.”

  • polterclown

    This is a film to be scared of. This isn’t a sexy erotic film. This isn’t a movie to wank to as you look at Monica Bellucci. This movie is about the weight of actions and how those actions can change lives for all times.

    Rape – Sexual Crimes and Violence are not reversible events in one’s life. One can never take back a hit, take back a forced advance and especially a rape. The utter brilliance of Gaspar Noe’s film is the sheer cinema of it. Harry Knowles reviewing “IRREVERSIBLE”, 2002

  • Bluejay

    Too bad he didn’t take this perspective to heart.

  • polterclown

    Cause u see, other Monica Belluci movies u wank to…..

  • polterclown

    Really hoping some of the people who got scammed by his kickstarter fraud would step forward too.the guy took in more then 120.000 dollars to air some already in the can interviews for his second season of aint it cool tv show. This fraud deserves a big lawsuit!!!

  • Remmy

    No, any man who has been posting or just lurking on AICN for any length of time is not in any way surprised

  • Art Haack

    Of course I’m kidding. Aren’t you?

  • It won’t be with the talkbacks removed.

  • Troll Prince : Bottle Of Suds

    In no way were any of us AICN posters surprised.

    We actually had him marked as a pedo months ago.

  • Not anymore.

  • Stay Puft

    I read something online that implied Knowles wears a diaper to shit into without going to the bathroom. Is this true?

  • Stay Puft

    Right about now, Knowles will be 56 hours into binge eating to cope with the end of his “career” if you can call it that.

    Hey, dickhead. No more premieres and pwesents for you. No more phone calls from directors and actors. You’re done, you slimy pervert.

  • Stay Puft

    But Harry says he’s going to have “therapy and detox”. Translation: “People now know I’m a misogynist pervert and I’m going to pretend I just need therapy but in reality I’m just pissed my secret is out and I can’t grope women anymore. Where are the Cheetos? Think I’ll order another burrito.”

  • Bluejay

    Irrelevant. His being a creep has nothing to do with his physical disabilities.

  • Bluejay

    He may be a dickhead, but quit it with the fat-shaming.

  • NixEclips

    Goodbye 10,000 unique daily viewers.

  • NixEclips

    It’s not due to a disability.

  • Bluejay

    Still irrelevant.

  • Did you speak out about it? Did you continue to support his site? Did you think he was just edgy, or did you think he might be actually dangerous in the real world?

  • Only months ago?

  • Remmy

    I replied on the dodgy posts to say they were out of order, as did a lot of other posters, mainly the troublemakers oddly.
    Did I stop going to the site, no, there were plenty of other writers who did a good and not creepy job and Harrys oddities made for sport for those of us with a cruel side, didnt seem to make any difference at any point as the weird comments continued. have I stopped now, definitely.
    TBH a wheelchair bound, massively unhealthy and overweight nerd did not ever strike me as a threat, just dubious and creepy. Not being anywhere in the geographical location (I’m overseas) and never having encountered the man in real life I’m not sure I can judge his threat level with any degree of authenticity.
    He just seemed like a bit of a creep, sometimes.
    But egdy? No, not in anyway.

  • Sadly, Knowles is using his disability as a “reason” why he couldn’t possibly be a creep.

    Though that still has nothing to do with the details of his disability. It has to do with him deliberately perpetuating stereotypes about disabled people.

  • Lots of people use all sorts of mechanisms to cope with stress. It’s not helpful to act like those things are shameful.

    Whatever personal issues Knowles may have, the ones that are problematic are the ones that hurt other people. The ones that may hurt himself are his business alone.

  • Remmy

    The diaper thing has been reported differently by others, it’s purpose was so he didnt miss a second of any film and it was left behind for cinema staff to clean up.
    Wether you can class tweet’s from affected staff as verification of this is subjective however.

  • If he left someone else to clean up his mess, that is indeed disgusting, and indicates a problem with boundaries.

    It’s still not the same thing as sexual harassment or assault.

  • Remmy

    No, it’s not, it is indicative of either mental issues or a general attitude toward other humans though. In my estimation, purely unprofessional, the kind of person who can do that would seem to view other humans as less than themselves and to be used or taken advantage of. Small pieces of circumstantial info to build a bigger picture.
    The closing down of the comments sections and scrubbing of comments does not really point to someone who is innocent, although it could be lawyer based advice.
    Dismissing the accusations on twitter and trying to silence criticism is not a great approach.

  • Bluejay

    I defer to your greater familiarity with Knowles’ behavior and motives and the situation in general. I was reacting to what I see on this thread, with rightful criticism of Knowles’ hurtful actions bleeding over into cruel insults about physical condition and eating habits as well as (what I saw as) rumor-mongering.

    Knowles treated women as objects and not full human beings. When we attack him for traits he can’t help and that he shares with many innocent people, we do the same.

  • billy131274

    Shut it, fatty

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