curated: “my mama told me never trust a space engineer…”

“But I did, I did, I did…”

This is an awesome fan video for “Space Girl,” written in 1952 by Ewan MacColl and Peggy Seeger, here performed by Eliza Carthy and The Imagined Village. Nice to see how the depiction of women in at least some science fiction has evolved a bit since. (h/t RogerBW)

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    • I think the superheroes would need a different song. The lyrics of this one seem aimed straight at the ordinary girl who gets caught up in extraordinary adventures, who *craves* extraordinary adventures. Not someone who starts out extraordinary.

      • Good point. Although Captain Marvel didn't start out as a superhero - she started out as an ordinary, everyday, run-of-the-mill badass Air Force pilot. :-)

          • It might. I thought I was making an ironic comment (that a badass Air Force pilot is in no way ordinary to begin with), but she does still start out as a regular human being who (in the original comics) gets her powers from her alien boyfriend. This was tweaked a bit in the recent comic reboot (the one that made her awesome enough to warrant a film), and I believe the movie intends to rewrite the origin further so that she acquires her powers more directly, sans space-boyfriend altogether.

  • As an old-school Doctor Who fan, I love that the video ends with Sarah Jane walking off into the sunset with K-9. RIP, Elisabeth Sladen.

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