curated: Regal Cinemas in US to try out demand-based pricing for movie tix

I think this is a reasonable idea, but will moviegoers agree?

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    • But are blockbusters automatically hits? Not sure how it would work, but maybe ticket prices start out all the same on opening weekend, then are raised or lowered based on subsequent box office? Blade Runner 2049 would be considered a flop and tickets might cost less; an indie that's a sleeper hit might start charging more.

      I think there are pros and cons. It's nice that they're trying to encourage people to see less-seen films; on the other hand, it feels wrong to, say, gouge a family trying to take their kids to see Frozen just because it's Frozen.

      I still say they should lower ALL ticket prices, period.

  • When I was growing up in London, multi-screen suburban cinemas would charge less for older films on smaller screens. (Back in the days before a constant stream of new films, popular older films would sometimes "come round again" with a theatrical re-release.)

    • There's a bit of that happening in London today. Some of the West End cinemas charge less to see even new films on their smaller screens.

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