curated: sorry, no Armie Hammer peen in ‘Call Me By Your Name’

Funny how the contracts of female actors often require nudity instead of forbidding it, even in movies that aren’t about sex.

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  • maybe we should start a campaign We Want Penises! it worked for some kind of macdonald's sauce.

    • Seriously, Armie Hammer is a golden god in this movie. It's criminal that he's *not* totally naked for the entire runtime.

      • HAHAHAH that was a good point. Thank you for that.
        I absolutely love Hammer, but I found myself more attracted to Elio...

  • Who was that guy who used to post here over and over about how there was too much male nudity in movies and not enough female nudity?

      • It is supremely sad that I often think of that guy when these arguments come up. It's like, if you say "Vulva" three times in a mirror, he will appear.

    • Shh! If you say his name three times, he'll come back.

      Actually, he pops up on comment threads all over the internet. Sometimes he's Tim1984. Sometimes he's Truth or Guest. He's been quiet lately, but so has the great white shark from Jaws. I'm guessing we're only a year or two away from a Jaws reboot.

      • I miss Tim1984 and serge. I hope they're both well-medicated and happy somewhere, but damn those guys knew how to troll with passion and panache.

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