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part of a small rebellion | by maryann johanson

curated: the only thing you need to read about that ‘Rick and Morty’ McDonald’s fiasco

Fandom gets toxic, part 45,320.

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  • Scarecrowen1120

    I’m not sure if you watch the show, but looking at the McDonald’s website, it was very poorly handled (only twenty packets per location, many managers giving them away early). I actually went to get the sauce to be informed that I read the website wrong and there was no sauce at my location. I just thought “no sauce, that’s a shame” and left. The people thinking they can file a class action lawsuit and that they should be reimbursed for driving hours for sauce is insane.

  • the truth

    I’m sure the guys behind the show enjoy the lagging Mickey D’s franchise trying to ride some free publicity as they hit a 3 year slump.

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