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curated: ‘Wonder Woman’s Amazons got sexed up for ‘Justice League’

Because of course they did. Everything is broken.

  • RogerBW

    I see no reason to speculate on why the change was made when we already know that Snyder and Whedon have been involved, both of whom have form for depicting sexy broken combat chicks (though Whedon’s usually a bit more subtle about it).

  • PJK

    Since Whedon only came on board when the movie was in the final stages (editing and reshoots) my guess is that this is all on Snyder. Don’t forget that glistening warrior bodies were the main attraction in 300 as well.

  • susmart3

    Thank you for sharing this, and your three-word assessment. I will not be seeing this when it comes out.

  • Danielm80

    Joss Whedon isn’t the easiest person to defend, after all the bare feet, the gratuitous nudity in the Firefly pilot, and the Wonder Woman script that he allegedly wrote. But he’s consistently made sure that the women in his battle sequences are fully dressed, so I wouldn’t blame him for the photo on the right.

    I’d also point out that there are just as many sexy broken combat dudes in his stories as there are broken women, so I’d say that’s a theme, not a fetish.

  • Dent

    I’ve seen some shots of them in modernized full body armor. Maybe the suit up when the eye candy portion of the film is over?

  • And that makes it okay?

  • Bluejay
  • Dent

    Not at all. It annoys me when films sidetrack themselves for the sake of interesting some imagined audience of people who simply must gratify themselves to poorly dressed women. I’m just trying to rationalize the bizzare choice to not use the better costumes that they must have for the entire film.

  • RogerBW

    In her own film, she’s the protagonist.

    In the ensemble piece, she’s The Girl.

    Which may or may not be better than Marvel where all the protagonists with their own films are male but at least they’re allowed more than one female character in the ensembles.
    It’s hard work to update this badly aged material for a modern sensibility, and there are plenty of modern people who will pay even if nobody bothers.

  • Bluejay

    It’s hard work to update this badly aged material for a modern sensibility

    What’s frustrating is that the material isn’t necessarily “badly aged” — it’s continuing and ongoing and current, and is more diverse than it used to be. No one said that the films had to adapt the original comics lineups of these teams — and, in fact, they don’t! Cyborg wasn’t an original Justice League member, only being retconned as a founder in one of the series’ multiple reboots — alongside several female members. Black Widow wasn’t part of the original Avengers; Janet van Dyne, the Wasp, WAS, but was absent from the films. So, clearly, the filmmakers are picking and choosing anyway. Both the JL and the Avengers have had rotating rosters that included several women, and there was even an all-female Avengers team called A-Force at one point. The movies have had plenty of opportunity to use the source material to cast for gender diversity. Not doing so is a conscious choice, and it’s on them.

  • In the ensemble piece, she’s The Girl.

    Even worse, she’s the Perfect Girl. She had things to learn and an internal journey to take in WW. In JL, she’s the den mother to a bunch of unruly manchildren.

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