I’m doing National Novel Writing Month!

National Novel Writing Month — though it’s really international — is an event to spur writers to just get going already on that novel they’ve been dreaming of writing. Getting seriously into fiction is something I’ve been thinking about for a long while, and I finally figured I would give myself this kick in the ass. The idea is to start and finish a 50,000-word novel entirely in the month of November. The rules are not, of course, hard and fast, and some writers “cheat” by spending the month working on a project that was already in progress, or they do a lot of preparation (like plotting or research) beforehand. I’m doing NaNoWriMo “pure”: I have only the vaguest idea of plot, character, and setting, so I’m winging it. It’s exciting, and also terrifying.

My book is tentatively entitled The Righteous Guild Conspiracy, and it’s a Dan Brown–style mystery adventure set on a human-inhabited planet that is not Earth. If it ends up as anything readable, I will of course make it available to you all.

(This writing project shouldn’t impact my criticism work here much. I basically don’t get anything done unless I have way too much to do.)

I’ll stick a widget in the sidebar that’ll note my progress during the month, mostly to shame myself into meeting the 50,000-word goal. At the moment I’m only at 288 words, but that does mean that I’ve actually started. Hooray!

Wish me luck…

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