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Fri, Dec 22, 2017 2:40pm

Maybe not the best possible leader, but showing multiple sorts of female leader is another step away from “The Girl” as sufficient characterisation.

Sat, Dec 23, 2017 6:21pm

I was sort of hoping her mousey right hand (uh… commander?) would be the one to take charge. We don’t often see socially awkward female leaders (who are also not incredibly attractive and actually not socially awkward at all) grow from being thrust into a position of power. I feel like it would have made more sense for Po to be unsure of someone who seemed unsure herself. Although I’m happy with what we got. No doubt we’ll get to see more of the rebellions C team next film.

Stacy Livitsanis
Stacy Livitsanis
reply to  Dent
Tue, Jan 16, 2018 3:36am

You refer to Commander D’Acy played by Amanda Lawrence (she was in the Dr Who episode ‘The Shakespeare Code’). I loved her. As soon as she appeared on screen I felt a jolt, because she has such a distinctive, interesting face, and women who aren’t conventionally attractive, let alone also being over forty, basically don’t exist in mainstream movies.

Tue, Jan 02, 2018 3:13am


Don’t feel that TLJ was a bad movie but still quite disappointing. While I don’t disagree with any of this piece, as good of a character as Holdo is, she is massively underdeveloped. They place a character in a great spot….forced into leadership[, …hint at her strength by having 1 character say she did something really good on some planet and then only give her 2 1/2 things to do…1. suicide run ( that sequence was very well done) but the fact that they never developed the Holdo character lessens the impact. 2. retreat…,,,this was a major chance to develop her character…in the process of retreating they could have shown some ingenuity..creativity…something… When Solo retreated he hid on the back of the star destroyer and floated away with the garbage… leading to the wonderful line “You have your moments. Not many of them, but you do have them.” So much creativity, character and relationship developed in that exchange. Or going into an asteroid field and hiding in the cave….which again leads to character development sequences with Han and Leia.. Even in the deep trust between Holdo and Leia, we aren’t told what they went through together that let’s us feel any strength for that connection. And WTH did Holdo do in the war on the planet Poe mentioned. It made me think of the Patriot when everyone kept talking about what Benjamin Martin did at Fort Wilderness. It was teased multiple times through the movie with great effect and then finally brought out in a major development of character in the discussion with his son. I kept waiting for them to develop her by giving some explanation of what she did and they gave us nothing. So many opportunities for character development with Holdo in her retreat that never take place. ….1/2 The discipline of a subordinate…again, a great opportunity for character development in subsequent interactions with Poe…great opportunity for redemption, improvement in character…never takes place. Holdo is a great character that was left completely hollow. So disappointing.

Same lack of development with Luke in this movie. While it’s fine to have an imperfect/flawed hero…tell us something of consequence in his failure and develop that into something in the realtionships with the surrounding remaining characters. We’re told that he is ashamed of his failure in training of the Jedi and thoughts of killing Ben Solo but there is virtually no significant exploration of that with Rey on the island. There’s just confrontation with Rey and exit. The writers here had an opportunity to take Luke Skywalker and have him sit down with Rey and reflect in some depth on everything that he had gone through with what he knew of the prequel’s story and his life and interactions with Yoda and obi wan and vader. What an incredible opportunity to be the people that get to write that script and to develop Rey and Luke’s exit through an understanding of all those events. Virtually nothing done with it. Very little connection with Luke in this story for me. Very hollow and bitter send off. And I thought I remembered him saying there were 3 lessons for Rey…and he only did 2 that I could remember….so I googled it….yes there was a 3rd lesson that they cut.

Between Holdo and Luke and everything they have to work with….and didn’t ……a very disappointing movie.