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part of a small rebellion | by maryann johanson

new ways to support my work: Patreon, Ko-Fi, Liberapay (PayPal still works, too)

You may have noticed some new links around the site through which you can financially support my writing.

PayPal has been an option for a while, and continues to be:


But some readers asked to be able to donate via Patreon, which you can now do here:


I’ve also set up an account with Ko-Fi (which does require a PayPal account):


And I have a new account at Liberapay (which does not require a PayPal account):


(Shopping at Amazon US, Amazon Canada, Amazon UK, and iTunes [any region] when you click through any of the many links at the site also helps a lot!)

I hate begging for money, but things are increasingly desperate. I will be writing more soon about why your support is so essential, and I’m scheming up plans for all the different new things I could do if reader interest was there. But I wanted to let you know about these new options immediately.

HUGE THANKS to those of you who are already supporting my work here. I appreciate it enormously, and am enormously flattered by it. Thank you.

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  • Jurgan

    Good to know! I think I stopped my donations a while ago upon being dead broke, but I might be able to restart in January, and Patreon makes donating easier.

  • Dale

    Thanks for this! I still think Paypal is an evil empire, and its ubiquity makes it harder to avoid. Alternatives make that easier.

  • Thank you. Any support is hugely helpful.

  • It’s really hard for small operators like me to avoid Paypal, though. I totally understand the concerns people have with it.

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