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curated: the ‘Last Jedi’ fan edit that eliminates the women

The He-Man Woman-Haters Club strikes back.

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  • Bluejay

    They’re pathetic and hopeless. Fuck ’em. But look at it this way: 46 minutes works out to around 30% of TLJ’s run time, which means there exists a Star Wars movie that is 70% CENTERED ON WOMEN. That’s pretty damn great.

  • Stacy Livitsanis

    Wow. I’m almost tempted to ‘find’ this thing to see how far my jaw can drop, but I’d much rather go and see the actual “girlz powah” film again. When something in the pop culture pisses off these idiots so much, it’s a sign that pop culture is moving in the right direction. Although this unhinged perspective is so out of touch with reality, where anything less than absolute male supremacy is taken as an all-out attack, their reactions aren’t a tangible measure of change, merely indicative of just how easily triggered these poor crybaby snowflakes are. (Questioning whether I should use that kind of language against those who perpetrate it.)

  • Bruce

    No proof it was made by a MRA. There is more reason to believe it was made by Disney marketing which has already blamed Russian Hackers, the alt-right and Hitler’s zombie for the movie being hated by WOMEN and men and MINORITIES and Asians, seeing the film is the biggest bomb ever in China. Sorry Disney and fake journalists who gave this awful film rave reviews and who have defended their marketing of this POS film since release, you are chicken little at this point and no one believes any of this if they have an IQ over 75. Now go blame Ancient Aliens for this film being hated on Disney’s “History Channel”. As legit as all the rest.

    The reason people hated the film (besides the inconsistent, awfully written characters that no one cares about anymore) is it was a postmodernism deconstruction of Star Wars. It attacks the themes, the morality and everything about the original trilogy. Rian and Kathleen Kennedy took a huge dump on Star Wars and then are surprised people called them out on it or realized what they did. Probably thought the fanbase was too stupid to realize it. Maybe Disney should have hired people that didn’t HATE the original trilogy to make new movies. It’s obvious Kathleen, Rian and the “Lucasfilms Story Group” (Kennedy put this together, it has nothing to do with Lucas) hate Star Wars at this point. They gave the fans a middle finger and the fans gave one back. Nothing more. Nothing less. Those fans are women, men, Asian, black and every color and gender under the sun. The only people who like this movie are shills and activists who were never fans of the movies to begin with. It’s impossible to like TLJ if you liked the original trilogy unless you are stupid enough to have never understood the themes present in Star Wars. Seeing it was made for kids that means you not the sharpest tool in the shed and shouldn’t be discussing movies or literature or well…anything ever again.

  • Danielm80


  • susmart3

    Disney did this to themselves themselves? Oh, please. Hope Disney lawyers find/prosecute these nitwits for numerous copyright violations.

  • Arthur

    At least it kept this wannabe auteur off the streets for the time it took to do. Plus – added bonus! – he had to watch the female-dominated parts multiple times to do this.

  • You seem great.

  • Calendar Calendar

    Does it matter to you if the story centers on men or woman?

  • Danielm80

    Bluejay can answer your question for himself, but a lot of the folks who read this site regularly think it matters very much. MaryAnn (the “Flick Filosopher”) often writes about the way women are portrayed in film, and about how few of those films are centered on women. The links on this page will tell you why some of us think it’s an important issue:


    You can also look around the site and read what MaryAnn has written on the subject, of course.

  • It matters, when the vast majority of stories are centered on white men, that we get a lot more than are centered on women and on nonwhite people.

    What even makes you ask such a question?

  • Bluejay

    Well, it sure seems to matter to the dude who did the TLJ “boys only” edit.

    For me, it depends on what you mean by the question. If you mean, “Do I hate stories if they’re centered on men,” the answer is no. I have watched and loved many stories about men. The Godfather movies are among my all-time favorites. For that matter, I’m a lifelong fan of the original, boy-heavy Star Wars trilogy.

    If you mean, “Do I think it’s important to have more stories centered on women,” then my answer is emphatically yes, for the reasons that MaryAnn and Danielm80 have already told you.

    I’m guessing you’d say the only thing that matters is that a story is good, whether it’s a man or woman at the center. I’d say that in that case, nobody should be bothered if it’s a woman at the center.

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