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part of a small rebellion | by maryann johanson

curated: even when women film critics exist, we’re ignored by gatekeepers

The story of my life.

  • Dorothy Stanley

    I always read FlickFilosopher’s reviews before Rotten Tomatoes Top Critics. I am female, but I’m her biggest fan not because we both are, but because she is always right and has the most intelligent, comprehensive and unbiased reviews. She is truly a movie journalist.

  • Thank for you saying this. But if I were a Top Critic, my links and blurbs would be more prominent at RT, I’d get more traffic here, and hence more people paying for my work here, which I desperately need. (Because that’s pretty strictly a numbers game. It’s been demonstrated over and over in all sorts of creative endeavors that X percent of readers/followers/listeners/etc will financially support a creator, so to boost that number you need to boost the overall number.)

    unbiased reviews

    Many would beg to differ. :-)

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