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maryann johanson | watching movies at home

very light posting at the moment…

…as you may have noticed in the past week.

My best friend is visiting me in London from New York, and we’re just hangin’, and then my brother (who is another best friend) will be popping over for a bit, so I’m not seeing much or taking much time to write while they’re here.

As always, if you want to be notified of new reviews and other posts, you can sign up for the Daily Digest email list. It’s low volume: just one email per day, and only on days when I do in fact post something.

I’m also using this time to ponder just what the heck I’m doing here. The Internet has changed in the 20+ years I’ve been at this, and film criticism and fandom have changed a lot lately, and it’s clear that I need to reevaluate my work. More on that when I get back to a more regular routine…

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