curated: “Arctic thriller’s film crew struggled to find true frozen waste”

Soon we will see ice and snow only if it is CGI’d into science fiction movies, or ones with historical settings.

From The Guardian:

Colin Farrell and his co-stars in the BBC’s North Water shocked at the loss of wilderness at the north pole from global heating

It’s a problem that, a century ago, anyone on a ship in the Arctic Circle just didn’t have to worry about: where is all the ice? Yet this was the unexpected stumbling block faced by the film-makers of a forthcoming BBC thriller set in the Arctic in the 1850s.

The North Water is an epic five-part adventure about an ill-fated 19th-century whaling expedition into the Arctic. In the pursuit of realism, its producers realised that they could not rely on special effects. Nor would shooting it in a studio tank or off the coast of Britain achieve the authenticity of filming in the Arctic, however extreme the conditions and challenges.

But, in travelling north to shoot the drama in a wilderness of pack ice, they ended up – thanks to the effects of global heating – just 22 miles away from the north pole.

“We had to keep going further and further north,” Hakan Kousetta, one of the executive producers, told the Observer. “It was quite shocking to realise how far we had to go. It really is like turning up to a desert and finding out there is not enough sand.”

Everything is fine.

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