Weekend Watchlist is now the #DailyStream

As I attempt to figure out just what the heck I should be doing here going forward, I’ve decided to transform the once-per-week Weekend Watchlist, which featured multiple movies, into a once-per-day, single-movie-only streaming recommendation called #DailyStream.

(I’d been doing Weekend Watchlist since last January but had to put it on hiatus, with everything else, in the wake of my mother’s illness and death late this past summer.)

These recommendations will appear both at my Substack and at my Patreon, and in truncated forms at TwitterMastodonPost, and Facebook.

I’ll also do a once-a-week roundup post here. I’m not sure yet quite what form that will take, but it will probably be links to the posts at Substack.

I started a few days ago. Here’s Monday’s #DailyStream at Substack, and Tuesday’s, and today’s.

The #DailyStream is free for everyone immediately, unlike the Weekend Watchlists, which were for paid subscribers only for the first month, then free for everyone after that. They are publicly available to read at my Patreon, but if you become a patron you can get them delivered to your in-box or read them in the Patreon app. They are publicly available to read at my Substack, but if you subscribe — even for free — you can get them in your in-box or in the Substack app.

If you’re not already a paying supporter, either at Substack or at Patreon, and would like to encourage me to keep these new daily streaming recs coming, please consider showing your support financially. (Paid subs on Substack are suspended for the moment, but I’ll be restarting those soon. That’ll be a topic for another post in the coming days. I’ll also soon discuss my thinking re paid-versus-free content.)

Flick Filosopher had its 25th anniversary this past September, and I’d love to keep going for another 25 years! Because I don’t accept ads, sponsored posts, and the like, only you, my generous readers, can keep me going.

Thank you, as ever, for your support, whatever form it takes.

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