#DailyStream weekly roundup

Beyond the Visible: Hilma af Klint

The #DailyStream is a once-per-day, single-movie-only streaming recommendation that appears both at my Substack and at my Patreon, and in truncated forms at Twitter, Mastodon, Post, and Facebook.

Here are the films I recommended this week (there were only five this week) — click over to read more and get the streaming links:

daily stream for Sat Mar 11: here a kitty, there a kitty, everywhere a kitty-kitty
2017’s Kedi is on Kanopy (and others) in the US, Prime (and others) in the UK [read at Substack (free)]

daily stream for Fri Mar 10: a bleak and brutal anti-rom-com
2017’s Brakes is on Prime and other services in the UK; not streaming in the US right now, sorry [read at Substack (free)]

daily stream for Wed Mar 8: (re)discover the mysterious work of a pioneering woman artist [pictured]
2020’s Beyond the Visible: Hilma af Klint is on Kanopy in the US and Curzon Home Cinema in the UK [read at Substack (free)]

daily stream for Tue Mar 7: Clive Owen’s writer haunts me
1999’s Croupier leaves US Netflix soon; on Prime in the UK [read at Substack (free)]

daily stream for Mon Mar 6: a Hollywood satire that avoids easy laughs
2006’s For Your Consideration is on Prime and Apple TV on both sides of the Atlantic [read at Substack (free)]

The #DailyStream is free for everyone. They are publicly available to read at my Patreon, but if you become a patron you can get them delivered to your in-box or read them in the Patreon app. They are publicly available to read at my Substack, but if you subscribe — even for free — you can get them in your in-box or in the Substack app.

If you’re not already a paying supporter, either at Substack or at Patreon, and would like to encourage me to keep these new daily streaming recs coming, please consider showing your support financially. Thank you.

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