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Shouldn’t everyone know by now that you stay away from creepy old castles and abandoned hospitals and, oh, ramshackle cabins in the wood? How come the people in horror movies act like they’ve never seen a horror movie? Well — heh heh — the people in Tucker and Dale vs Evil act very much like they know they’ve landed in a splatter flick… except they’re actually in a comedy. Tucker (the always funny Alan Tudyk) and Dale (Tyler Labine) are two very sweet guys fixing up their vacation home when they are beset by a gang of horny college students on a camping trip, and everyone gets wildly wrong ideas about everyone else. This is a sly little masterpiece of yucks and the yucky, one with a very welcome undercurrent of a warning not to make assumptions based on first appearances. (Read my 2011 review.)

US: stream on Prime (through May 20th), on Mubi (via Prime), and Kanopy; rent/buy on Prime and Apple TV

UK: rent/buy on Prime and Apple TV

See Tucker and Dale vs Evil at Letterboxd for more viewing options.

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