loaded question: what movies depict introverts well?

The Bookshop

This week’s question was suggested by a reader in comments, though they have since deleted their comment so I can’t link to it, and I won’t name them. (Though if they want to identify themselves, I’ll happily update this post to credit them.)

What movies depict introverts well?

Introverts are in some ways the opposite of the sorts of characters we typically see in movies: we tend to be quiet thinkers who prefer to stand aside and observe. Of course, we are the heroes of our own lives, as everyone is… it’s just that we may present particular challenges when telling our stories in a visual medium.

My pick is 2018’s The Bookshop, which has its issues as a movie but in which star Emily Mortimer and director Isabel Coixet do a beautiful job of capturing, as I wrote in my review, the essence of its bookstore-owner protagonist:

the sort of grace that comes from self-possession — Florence is a determined woman, and has no time for petty nonsense that wants to thwart her — and yet also with the sort of awkwardness that comes from being someone who prefers the company of books over that of people.

Your turn…

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