Gomorrah (review)

Brutal and unrelenting, this documentary-style expose of the Naples equivalent of the Sicilian mafia burns away all hints of Hollywood glamour…

Flash of Genius (review)

I wish *Flash of Genius* were’t quite so staid, because it tells an important story, and one the likes of which we hear less and less of the more necessary they become

Battle in Seattle (review)

I’ve never been much impressed with Stuart Townsend as an actor, but with *Battle in Seattle,* his first film as writer-director-producer, I have enormous new respect for him as an artist and storyteller.

Che (review)

You’ve seen the T-shirt — now see the movie. That seems to be attitude of the decriers of Steven Soderbergh’s portrait of the Argentinean freedom fighter/terrorist: that the filmmaker does not demonize his subject to the degree the decriers insist is necessary.

Frost/Nixon (review)

This was the sort of hopeless dread the news that Ron Howard was directing this left me with. I felt like Robert Stack in *Airplane!*: ‘It’s a goddamn waste of time — there’s no way he can land this plane!’