Year One (review)

Thanks so much, everyone involved in *Year One,* for setting back the noble causes of blasphemy, rational thinking, and humanism about a century.

the oh-no! DVD of the week: ‘Global Warming: A Scientific and Biblical Exposé of Climate Change’

Never fear! Melting icecaps, more violent storms, and mass disruption to human culture is all part of God’s plan. explains (edited for hilariousness, and emphasis mine): This bold new documentary is an exciting and important tool for all who face the rampant misinformation propagated by ecological alarmists. Global Warming addresses subjects that most others … more…

The Others (review)

The creepy joy of this film is in the capacity it has for astounding even the most jaded movie lover (like me), the one who’s seen it all and can’t even imagine not being able to figure out where yet another ghost story is going. This is classy gothic horror, old-fashioned in the best way: there are no CGI specters, just mysterious footsteps and distant cries and movement in the shadows and hushed whispers and slamming doors.