The Bourne Legacy (review)

This is Bourne fan fiction. But it’s the rare sort of good fanfic: utterly inconsequential, of course, but a whole lotta fun. It’s a turn-your-brain-off popcorn flick for people who don’t like to turn our brains off just because we’re at The Movies.

Haywire (review)

There’s a lot of fight in Haywire, but very little punch — it starts to feel very grim and plodding…

Knight and Day (review)

*Knight and Day* may have generic characters doing generic things in generic situations, but it’s got Movie Stars with huge white smiles looking pretty and being blandly inoffensive in exotic foreign locales. What’s that? You need more than that? Why do you hate Hollywood?

trailer break: ‘The Adjustment Bureau’

Take a break from work: watch a trailer… If you hadn’t already guessed from the twisty mindfuckery of the trailer, this is yet another movie via Philip K. Dick, and the track record on those isn’t so great. And this is from a first-time director, George Nolfi, with a mixed track record of his own … more…