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Under the Wire documentary review: journalists under fire in Syria

Wed Nov 14 2018, 05:06pm | 0 comments

A Private War movie review: this is not fake news (#LFF2018)

Tue Nov 13 2018, 07:38pm | 1 comment

Jane Fonda in Five Acts documentary review: the political is her personal

Sun Sep 23 2018, 09:49pm | 2 comments

curated: LA, NYC, Boston and Nat’l film critics boycott Disney films in year-end awards

Tue Nov 07 2017, 12:32pm | 1 comment

curated: CNN convenes eight men (and one woman) to discuss the Women’s Marches

Mon Jan 23 2017, 01:46pm | 0 comments

curated: CNN hiring “journalists” with no journalism experience

Fri Jan 20 2017, 05:32pm | 1 comment

from Facebook: treat journalists like crap, get a fat paycheck from CNN

Fri Jun 24 2016, 03:47pm | 0 comments

Best of Enemies documentary review: “the practice of malice”

Fri Jul 24 2015, 01:14pm | 4 comments

why ads have returned (and other reconsidered priorities)

Mon Aug 25 2014, 08:46pm | 16 comments

Doctor Who thing: is that the TARDIS in the new Van Gogh, Sunset at Montmajour?

Tue Sep 10 2013, 12:57pm | 2 comments

would you take a one-way trip to Mars?

Sat Aug 10 2013, 10:18am | 9 comments

what false memories would you want to have implanted in your brain?

Sat Jul 27 2013, 11:13am | 12 comments

“just give up, stop complaining, accept idiocy as inevitable”

Mon Apr 22 2013, 05:59pm | 6 comments

of course, sometimes women “journalists” just carry water for horrible media institutions

Mon Mar 18 2013, 08:05pm | 0 comments

QOTD: What are some examples of great Hollywood satire — TV or film — that works?

Tue Feb 26 2013, 12:00pm | 0 comments

Russian meteor footage that Michael Bay would surely scoff at but everyone else will find horrifying (and other adventures in social networking)

Fri Feb 15 2013, 11:12pm | 0 comments

look out for fake films! (and other adventures in social networking)

Tue Nov 13 2012, 11:48pm | 0 comments

question of the day: Does TV news coverage of dangerous weather encourage people to put themseves at risk?

Tue Oct 30 2012, 11:22am | 0 comments

so apparently there’s a Pride & Prejudice for babies (and other adventures in social networking)

Fri Oct 12 2012, 11:44pm | 0 comments

question of the day: Which fictional robots belong in the Robot Hall of Fame?

Mon Aug 27 2012, 09:09am | 0 comments

The Bourne Legacy (review)

Mon Aug 13 2012, 07:06pm | 2 comments

Blake’s 7 reboot coming to US television? (and other adventures in social networking)

Fri Jul 27 2012, 12:14am | 7 comments

question of the day: Paramilitary gunman massacres moviegoers watching The Dark Knight Rises: WTF?

Fri Jul 20 2012, 12:17pm | 0 comments

George Lucas just invented hate-charity (and other adventures in social networking)

Tue May 15 2012, 11:14pm | 0 comments

Parents Television Council does not want children to see Bully, at all, ever (and other adventures in social networking)

Mon Apr 09 2012, 11:54pm | 0 comments

royal wedding hype; ‘Hanna’s Joe Wright says ‘Sucker Punch’ is sexist; dear god no, there’s gonna be another ‘Tron’ flick; more: leftover links

Sun Apr 10 2011, 03:30pm | 0 comments

why celebs love Scientology; Netflix in deal for original programming; the real problem of ‘Mars Needs Moms’; more: leftover links

Sun Mar 20 2011, 07:12pm | 0 comments

Banksy won’t be allowed at the Oscars; how to watch the Oscars online; Justin Bieber cuts hair and Twitter quakes; more: leftover links

Sun Feb 27 2011, 05:45pm | 0 comments

what he said: Glenn Greenwald at Salon…

Sat Feb 19 2011, 07:23pm | 0 comments

war is good for business

Wed Feb 09 2011, 12:42pm | 0 comments

rest easy, everyone…

Thu Jan 06 2011, 03:46pm | 0 comments

female gazing at: Anderson Cooper

Mon Jan 03 2011, 02:42pm | 0 comments

question of the day: What is your favorite geeky holiday movie or TV special?

Tue Dec 14 2010, 11:08am | 0 comments

Mark Wahlberg admits ‘The Happening’ was terrible; Billy Bob Thornton says Hollywood is terrible; a female Old Spice Man spoof; more: leftover links

Sun Nov 28 2010, 07:23pm | 0 comments

what he said: journalist and new-media researcher Jeremy Littau…

Fri Oct 15 2010, 04:21pm | 0 comments

question of the day: Did you watch any of the Chilean mine rescue, and did you find it riveting?

Thu Oct 14 2010, 03:02am | 0 comments

deep thought (re Tyler Clementi and Anderson Cooper)

Tue Oct 05 2010, 12:23am | 0 comments

wtf: mainstream journalism is even more of a mess than we thought

Fri Oct 01 2010, 02:59pm | 0 comments

the oh-no! DVD of the week: ‘Alien Time Machine: Encounters From Another Dimension’

Tue Aug 31 2010, 01:58pm | 0 comments

deep thought (re the journalmalism of cable news)

Sun Aug 15 2010, 03:56pm | 2 comments

wtf: this is why the Internet is full of unreadable junk

Sat Aug 07 2010, 06:33pm | 25 comments

watch it: “Girl Raised From Birth By Wolf Blitzer Taken Into Protective Custody”

Tue Jul 20 2010, 11:09pm | 0 comments

porn for women; Edward Norton steps down as the Hulk (will David Tennant step up?); more: leftover links

Sat Jul 17 2010, 11:47am | 7 comments

calling bullshit: on Anderson Cooper (and the rest of the corporate media)

Mon Jul 12 2010, 02:01pm | 16 comments

what would Mark Twain do?; Michael Moore joins the Oscar board; Sam Worthington, comic book king?: leftover links

Sun Jul 11 2010, 05:07pm | 0 comments

don’t blame Tom Cruise for ‘Knight and Day’; Hollywood still loves Comic Con; more: leftover links

Sun Jul 04 2010, 09:32am | 0 comments

question of the day: Who should replace Larry King? Who deserves his or her own high-profile talk show?

Wed Jun 30 2010, 10:43am | 7 comments

question of the day: Have Goldman Sachs’s “shitty deals” broken a language barrier on American TV?

Mon May 03 2010, 08:24am | 6 comments

question of the day: Is the death of Patrick Swayze really the top news of the day?

Tue Sep 15 2009, 09:43am | 31 comments

question of the day: Whom do we blame for the Michael Jackson overload?

Mon Jul 06 2009, 11:38am | 7 comments

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