question of the day: Should comedians ever apologize for their jokes, even the bad ones?

I just came across the most in-depth and comprehensive analysis of the Letterman-Palin brouhaha, by Randy Cohen at The New York Times. His analysis is long and cogent, but here’s the gist: Letterman’s version had three targets — Alex Rodriguez for his sexual shenanigans, Sarah Palin for her abstinence-only politics and Bristol Palin for personifying … more…

question of the day: Has David Letterman gone too far?

Interpret that question as you will. Did Letterman go too far with his tasteless joke about Palin’s daughter getting knocked up by a Yankees baseball player, even if you buy his explanation that he was referring to the of-age Bristol, and not the underage Willow? (I do buy that explanation, and while I do think … more…

Best in Show and Waiting for Guffman (review)

Put Christopher Guest right on top of the list of They Who Can Do No Wrong. As if the recent DVD release and reappearance in theaters of This Is Spinal Tap weren’t enough for fans of his diverse talent and deadpan humor, he now bestows upon us Best in Show, another of the hilarious and poignant mockumentaries that, in the vein of his 1996 film Waiting for Guffman, poke gentle fun not only at their fictional subjects but at their real-life counterparts and movie audiences as well.