Season of the Witch (review)

The screenplay is like a transcription of a Dungeons and Dragons session: better hope you make a high saving throw during the wolf attack in Wormwood Forest! The “performances” are like clueless imitations of Monty Python by actors who don’t understand comedy. And those are its good points.

watch it: “Lucifer: The Movie”

Ray Griggs, creator of the abysmal Super Capers, previously made this short as a promo for his vision of a film trilogy about the rise and fall of Lucifer. Not a bad idea for a movie trilogy, and this certainly looks much more impressive than Super Capers. Well, until it starts to look like a … more…

top 11 movies of 2000

I guess it’s officially tradition now: I can’t narrow the best films of the year down to only 10, so, like Nigel Tufnel’s amp, this one again goes to 11. Film critics and fans alike have been heard to complain that 2000 was an awful year for film, but I’m not sure that that is … more…