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headlines that hurt my eyeballs

Tue Jul 12 2011, 12:33am | 0 comments

even warfare is a game of branding and PR these days

Thu Jun 30 2011, 09:40pm | 0 comments

‘Harry Potter’ documentary on the way; Twitter loves TV; Bradley Cooper in ‘The Crow’?; more: leftover links

Mon Apr 18 2011, 01:16am | 0 comments

FX overload is killing next season’s TV; Sammy Hagar comes out as alien infiltree and crazy person; Brad Pitt’s ‘World War Z’ probably dead; more: leftover links

Mon Mar 28 2011, 12:37am | 0 comments

tres cool: “Glenn Beck hates America”…

Mon Oct 18 2010, 09:36am | 0 comments

wtf: mainstream journalism is even more of a mess than we thought

Fri Oct 01 2010, 02:59pm | 0 comments

question of the day: On October 30, will you attend Jon Stewart’s Rally to Restore Sanity or Stephen Colbert’s March to Keep Fear Alive?

Fri Sep 17 2010, 09:09am | 0 comments

the end of torture porn?; the end of the Internet?; what TV viewers want more of (and what they’re going to get instead); more: leftover links

Sun Sep 05 2010, 12:38pm | 0 comments

Machete (review)

Wed Sep 01 2010, 06:18pm | 30 comments

question of the day: Who should replace Larry King? Who deserves his or her own high-profile talk show?

Wed Jun 30 2010, 10:43am | 7 comments

question of the day: Has TV simply gone crazy?

Tue Jun 29 2010, 10:27am | 7 comments

going Godwin on ‘Toy Story 3’; why ‘Splice’ isn’t sci fi (and neither is ‘Minority Report’ anymore); more: leftover links

Sun Jun 20 2010, 05:41pm | 4 comments

Chris Evans is Captain America, Michael Bay takes on ‘Monster Squad,’ Sarah Palin’s TV deal, and more: leftover links

Sat Mar 27 2010, 03:42pm | 8 comments

watch it: the 11/28/09 weekly address from President Barack Obama

Sat Nov 28 2009, 07:24pm | 0 comments

watch it: “Kids In The Hall – Communism”

Tue Sep 22 2009, 01:09pm | 5 comments

Keith Olbermann: nuts for teabaggers

Wed Apr 15 2009, 10:25pm | 5 comments

question of the day: Huh? What? “Glenn Beck comedy show”?

Tue Apr 14 2009, 08:05am | 6 comments

question of the day: How will the change represented by the incoming Obama administration be reflected in movies, TV, and other pop culture?

Tue Jan 20 2009, 09:27am | 11 comments

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