totally quotable! 2008

Here are the most quotable movie lines of the year 2008. I didn’t mean to hold these till the movie year was over — it just sort of happened that way. I’ll return to posting quotes as I hear them for 2009. No ranking — quotes are posted in reverse order of movie release dates, … more…

Hamlet 2 (review)

You could almost call it, *Where Do Dreams Go to Die?,* this satire that’s so insightful about art and hope and ambition and enthusiasm — and their flip sides of anger and frustration and embarrassment and derailment — that it’s actually painful at times.

trailer break: ‘Hamlet 2’ (redband)

Take a break from work: watch a movie trailer… [watch it here; I deleted the embedded Quicktime player because it was causing problems for some readers] It’s redband for a bit of language. I’ve seen this flick already, and it’s a tough one to trailerize, because it’s not about punchlines and slapstick but a whole … more…