Dredd (review)

I dunno much about Judge Dredd. I know he springs from a comic book series, I know he’s Judge Judy and executioner, and I know he never takes his helmet off. Forget the roughshodding of civil rights: it’s that last one that’s a major bummer.

Priest (review)

Hey! It’s a supernatural horror flick about the clash between the power of the institution of The Church and the power of personal faith and belief. Oh, and also about kicking vampire ass.

Red (review)

Of all the washed-up washed-out over-the-hill too-old-for-this-shit action-hero movies we’ve had thrown at us this year — The A-Team, The Losers, The ExpendablesRed is by far the most amusing, the most clever, the most tongue-in-cheek, the most fun (and I say that as someone who mostly liked those other movies).