Season of the Witch (review)

The screenplay is like a transcription of a Dungeons and Dragons session: better hope you make a high saving throw during the wolf attack in Wormwood Forest! The “performances” are like clueless imitations of Monty Python by actors who don’t understand comedy. And those are its good points.

I Sell the Dead (review)

If it were a 30-minute comic episode of *The Twilight Zone,* this ambitious low-budget flick might not have overstayed its welcome, but dragged out to three times that running time, it cannot help but be more miss than hit.

trailer break: ‘Mutant Chronicles’

Take a break from work: watch a trailer… (It’s red-band, but I don’t see anything here that warrants it.) Looks like it’s back to the future for a war between humans and “mutants” (who gets to define “mutant,” I wonder…?) in the trenches of World War I — at least, that’s what it looks like … more…

Comic Books Unbound (review)

It’s an entry in the ongoing series ‘Starz Inside’ that the cable network Starz likes to label ‘documentary,’ but this one, at least, feels exactly like the kind of promotional filler you find filling up odd scheduling holes on premium movie channels (it’s suspiciously 59 minutes in length).