American Pie: Reunion (review)

Thirteen years later, the American Pie guys remain as fixedly bland as ever, so their latest (and let us hope final) cinematic outing can hope to be in the least bit “appealing” only by trotting out the same tedious sitcom blend of crude vulgarity and sappy sentiment.

Cop Out (review)

Shame on Silent Bob. I realize that times is tough and everyone’s gotta make a living, and that that’s probably why Kevin Smith agreed to direct a big-budget studio buddy action comedy. But shame on him anyway.

trailer break: ‘Cop Out’

Take a break from work: watch a trailer… This is the movie that was once titled A Couple of Dicks. Kevin Smith thinks it’s funny that the new title — changed for obvious reasons of prudery — is Cop Out (after an interim alteration to A Couple of Cops). Unfortunately, the trailer makes the movie … more…

Planet 51 (review)

Much of what might have made it appealing to true devotees of science fiction and cinema, like how it’s a pastiche of 1950s B-movies, is lost when its parodying of the paranoia and xenophobia of those films is so relentlessly trite and obvious…

Role Models (review)

There’s something sad and pathetic about a movie character with more dignity and self-respect for himself than for the movie he’s in has for him. He’s like a cold and bedraggled puppy lured in from the rain who gets kicked in the teeth while he’s warming himself by the fire. Such is the fate of *Role Model*’s Augie Farks, played by Christopher Mintz-Plasse…