Obama versus ‘Pushing Daisies’ tonight?

Thank god for DVR. I’ll watch Obama and record Pushing Daisies, for later blogging. I have to wonder, though, why ABC held out for so long on agreeing to air Obama’s half-hour whatever-it’s-gonna-be that the Obama campaign said “No, thanks, we’re good.” And of course I worry that if everyone in the whole damn country … more…

just when you thought TV couldn’t get any worse

Please, someone make them stop. From Variety: Broadcasters continue to raid network and studio vaults in search of old favorites to dust off. For starters, NBC is plotting a modern-day “The Partridge Family,” while CBS is looking at reviving “Hawaii Five-O” and “The Streets of San Francisco.” More recently, the CW turned to one of … more…

‘Life on Mars’: still sucking hard

[spoilers] A shot of modern Manhattan bereft of the World Trade Center, with “an island never cries” on the soundtrack? Are they kidding? This is the American Life on Mars’ idea of… what? Irony? Pathos? Look, I still get weepy when I happen across some logo for a dry cleaners or a deli or garbage-hauling … more…

‘Sanctuary’ debuts tonight on Sci Fi

It’s a little bit *Matrix*y, a little bit *Hellboy*ish, a little bit *Buffy,* a little bit *Beauty and the Beast* (the Ron Perlman/Linda Hamilton urban fantasy, that is). So I can’t believe how really boring the pilot is.

Trial & Retribution: Set 1 (review)

Turns out each of these ‘episodes’ is more like an epic-length film — we’re talking around 200 minutes apiece. And they’re so damn addictive that you can’t stop watching them. So there goes 13 hours of your life.