question of the day: Can Shia LaBeouf be saved?

Shia LaBeouf has put himself, in recent years, in a place where the Shia LaBeouf Experience is one of big loud dumb noises in which he runs around yelling. A lot. This is what Hollywood has trained us to accept from LaBeouf, and it’s not exactly the best place for a serious actor to find himself. Not if he wants to be taken seriously.

Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps (review)

It’s sort of adorable and sort of terrifying to look at Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps and see the ultimate 80s icon of sharky, sociopathic greed — Gordon Gekko — reduced to an object of quaint amusement, for both the characters onscreen and for us in the viewing audience.

retro trailer: ‘Wall Street’

Remember when wrecking companies and trading on inside information was merely cool, instead of something that gets a CEO bailed out by the federal government using taxpayer money? Good times, good times.

omg: Shia LaBeouf takes the blame for sucky movies

Not all sucky movies, of course. And not even all the blame for the sucky movies he’s been involved with. But since when do Hollywood types ever admit to screwing up? The L.A. Times blog 24 Frames quotes the actor from a press conference at Cannes, discussing Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal … more…