The Hangover Part II (review)

“I can’t believe this is happening again,” laments Stu… and he’s not the only one. You cannot even honestly say about The Hangover Part II that it’s a matter of “same shit, different movie”: it’s pretty much the same movie as The Hangover

Due Date (review)

Welcome to the ritual humiliation of Robert Downey Jr. Gotta wonder if the dude simply is a masochist who enjoys looking deeply embarrassed onscreen or if someone has some serious dirt on him — worse than the stuff we already know about him, that is. Or maybe he’s just a whore who will do anything for the $12 million he reportedly received for this film…

It’s Kind of a Funny Story (review)

‘I wanna kill myself,’ Craig tells the triage nurse. ‘Fill this out,’ she tells him boredly, handing him some paperwork. Yet the film steadfastly refuses to go anywhere near cultural criticism of how we now turn ordinary frustrations and disappointments into medical diagnoses…

Dinner for Schmucks (review)

It’s not so much *Dinner for Schmucks* as it is *Waiting for Dinner for Schmucks.* You know, like *Waiting for Godot,* only in reverse. Because the schmucks start showing up right as the damn movie starts, and they never go away.