Undergrads (review)

Four high school buddies go to college, and all of a sudden everything’s changed. Nitz (the normal one), Cal (the gay one), Gimpy (the geek), and Rocko (the meatball) suddenly find themselves dealing with frat rushes, making new friends, trying to get laid, living away from home for the first time, and all the attendant mini catastrophes that go along with matriculation. All 13 episodes from the first season, which aired on MTV (the series is now carried by Comedy Central), are here, with titles like “Financial Aid,” “Work Study,” “Roommates,” and “Drunks” — you get the picture. For all the opportunities to be crude, like during a safe-sex seminar the guys attend, it’s all pretty mild — clearly, the era of Animal House is long over. These slice o’ college life stories will appeal most to those currently dealing with things like financial aid and work study. For the rest of us, it’s never more than genially amusing. Special features include footage from voice recording sessions, an interview with creator Pete Williams, and DVD-ROM games.

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