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The Hitman’s Bodyguard movie review: protection racket

Fri Aug 18 2017, 08:52am | 0 comments

Reluctant-buddy action comedy feels like unfunny, warmed-over ’90s leftovers. Ryan Reynolds and Samuel L. Jackson look like they’d rather be elsewhere.

Step documentary review: dance into the future

Wed Aug 16 2017, 05:14pm | 2 comments

Covers ground — the lives of black teen girls — that mostly goes unexamined onscreen. It couldn’t be fresher or more important. It’s also wildly entertaining.

Overdrive movie review: dumb and dubious

Tue Aug 15 2017, 08:50pm | 1 comment

More plot holes than plot, this overly convoluted, deeply stupid Fast and Furious wannabe is crammed with clichés and memorable only when it’s laughable.

new and ongoing dvd & vod releases, US/Can, from Aug 15

Tue Aug 15 2017, 02:34pm | comments off

A simple listing of new releases and other stuff currently available.

new and ongoing dvd & vod releases, UK/Ire, from Aug 14

Tue Aug 15 2017, 01:03pm | comments off

A simple listing of new releases and other stuff currently available.

new and ongoing cinema releases, US/Can, from Aug 11

Fri Aug 11 2017, 08:35pm | comments off

A simple listing of movies opening this week and in continuing release.

new and ongoing cinema releases, UK/Ire, from Aug 09-11

Fri Aug 11 2017, 08:34pm | comments off

A simple listing of movies opening this week and in continuing release.

2017’s films ranked

Fri Aug 11 2017, 08:21pm | 2 comments

I rank films on the fly as I see them during the 2017 awards year.

curated: 25,000 78rpm records now online for your listening pleasure

Fri Aug 11 2017, 08:17pm | 5 comments

Available at The Internet Archive.

Atomic Blonde movie review: bland ambition

Fri Aug 11 2017, 03:03pm | 20 comments

The living, breathing, bleeding life of the breathtaking fight scenes cannot overcome confusingly twisty spy intrigue and multiple male gazes on the story.

Shin Godzilla (aka Godzilla Resurgence) movie review: big in Japan

Thu Aug 10 2017, 03:14pm | 6 comments

Toho’s reboot of its most famous kaiju is, amidst intense monster action, a bitter satire on bureaucracy and a cautionary tale about humanity’s collective folly.

curated: Trump’s state-sponsored propaganda

Tue Aug 08 2017, 10:00pm | 1 comment

Real fake news.

curated: RIP Glen Campbell

Tue Aug 08 2017, 09:58pm | 3 comments

Anticipated, alas, in the 2014 doc Glen Campbell: I’ll Be Me

Annabelle: Creation movie review: common domestic demon doll

Tue Aug 08 2017, 02:41pm | 29 comments

All familiar funhouse spooks telegraphed a mile out, with no spiritual or psychological weight, but with some very young girls terrorized for your entertainment.

curated: men talk more in movies than women do

Sun Aug 06 2017, 05:55pm | 5 comments

And The New York Times hears this because a man says it.

curated: Film Crit Hulk on film criticism in the age on intersectionalism

Sun Aug 06 2017, 05:43pm | 4 comments

A long read but well worth it.

curated: Ta-Nehisi Coates on why HBO’s ‘Confederate’ is such a bad idea.

Sun Aug 06 2017, 05:41pm | 9 comments

So much good stuff here.

curated: boys need Wonder Woman too…

Sun Aug 06 2017, 05:38pm | 0 comments

This is part of how we teach boys empathy for girls and women.

curated: Star Trek Continues E09: “What Ships Are For”

Sat Aug 05 2017, 12:11pm | 0 comments

I love this series!

Fun Mom Dinner movie review: stay at home, moms

Fri Aug 04 2017, 10:11pm | 0 comments

Stereotypes and contrived shenanigans don’t seem to actually offer much catharsis for harried moms seeking escape. And the dads inevitably butt into their me-time.

curated: adorable child thinks Lando Calrissian is someone else…

Fri Aug 04 2017, 08:43pm | 9 comments

Awww. (Also: We need more black nerd heroes.)

curated: no, oldster rock stars probably don’t want to be touring…

Fri Aug 04 2017, 08:41pm | 3 comments

But even the megastars can’t make a living off album sales anymore.

Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets movie review: story of a thousand clichés

Thu Aug 03 2017, 12:23pm | 42 comments

There is barely an original thought in this wackadoodle sci-fi panto, just a lot of tiresome passé attitudes skidding among bug-eyed-monster set dressing.

curated: forget HBO’s ‘Confederate’…

Wed Aug 02 2017, 06:31pm | 1 comment

Amazon’s Black America is the alt-history show we need…

the paywall is gone

Mon Jul 31 2017, 01:16pm | 25 comments

No more pageview counters, no more signing in. Here’s why…

I’m on BBC World Service’s “The Arts Hour” on Sunday July 30th

Fri Jul 28 2017, 09:15pm | 2 comments

We’ll be talking about Dunkirk, The Beguiled, The Big Sick, and lots of other artsy stuff.

Landline movie review: love in the time before smartphones

Fri Jul 28 2017, 08:38pm | 4 comments

A charming delight in a retro timeslip. Gillian Robespierre and Jenny Slate continue their rampage of creating wonderfully, memorably flawed women onscreen.

The Big Sick movie review: girlfriend in a coma, the rom-com

Fri Jul 28 2017, 03:23pm | 10 comments

A rom-com for people who hate rom-coms. A painfully funny movie, full of enrapturing emotion that captures the glorious contradictions of all kinds of love.

Hounds of Love movie review: serial-killer porn

Thu Jul 27 2017, 06:31pm | 1 comment

Lurid, pointless thriller teases us with a teenaged girl’s sexual and mortal peril, creating awful suspense around her abuse. Her terror is your titillation.

curated: moviegoing sucks for the vast majority of moviegoers

Tue Jul 25 2017, 07:28pm | 9 comments

No wonder everyone is happy staying home with Netflix.

curated: cinematic clichés confirmed to be 5,300 years old with ‘Iceman‘

Tue Jul 25 2017, 07:07pm | 9 comments

Really? C’mon…

Birthright: A War Story documentary review: how America hates women

Fri Jul 21 2017, 09:38pm | 4 comments

An enraging, essential documentary rundown of all the ways that women’s rights, agency, and bodily autonomy are under attack in the US. It’s not just about abortion.

curated: no, it’s not “ignorant” to ask where the women and the people of color are in ‘Dunkirk‘

Fri Jul 21 2017, 07:46pm | 7 comments

No, history is not lily white, or a total sausage party.

Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie review: a brief look at the long and the shorts of it

Fri Jul 21 2017, 05:34pm | 2 comments

Sweet, subversive, and absolutely hilarious, at once a snarky superhero sendup and an unironically joyful celebration of friendship and imagination.

Scribe (La mécanique de l’ombre) movie review: all tapped out

Fri Jul 21 2017, 12:43pm | 0 comments

This would-be faux-70s paranoid thriller piles on too-obvious intrigue and embarrassing clichés, and lacks suspense, thrills, and a protagonist to care about.

curated: Christopher Nolan hates Netflix

Thu Jul 20 2017, 04:17pm | 12 comments

The reason why will shock you! </clickbait>

Dunkirk movie review: the power of purpose

Wed Jul 19 2017, 10:32pm | 17 comments

Primal and exhilarating, full of dread and tension. Drops us right into the chaos of war to tell an intimate story about fear and intensity of purpose.

City of Ghosts documentary review: how to tell a story that some don’t want told

Wed Jul 19 2017, 08:47pm | 9 comments

A devastating portrait of Syrian citizen journalists, of the sacrifices they make to tell of ISIS occupation, and a cautionary tale for Western culture, too.

curated: there’s a petition to make Doctor Who a man again…

Wed Jul 19 2017, 04:32pm | 11 comments

…and it is as hilariously pathetic as you are imagining.

curated: BBC apologizes for talent gender pay gap, but only as it’s about to be made public

Wed Jul 19 2017, 04:26pm | 0 comments

So forgive me if I doubt the sincerity of this apology.

curated: the other side of the Kermit’s-voice-got-fired story

Wed Jul 19 2017, 04:23pm | 3 comments

Wish I knew which one to believe…

curated: real-life places that belong in a Wes Anderson film

Sun Jul 16 2017, 09:11pm | 0 comments


curated: Kermit the Frog is getting a new voice

Sun Jul 16 2017, 09:09pm | 9 comments

And not for any good reason that anyone has offered.

curated: the new Doctor Who is known female Jodie Whittaker

Sun Jul 16 2017, 09:07pm | 10 comments

And here is one big reason why it’s important…

Wish Upon movie review: be careful what movies you see about wishes you should be careful about

Fri Jul 14 2017, 09:55pm | 3 comments

Simple, yet stupid. A magic box grants a teen wishes… that don’t come free. Apparently they’re not making eighth graders read “The Monkey’s Paw” anymore.

The Women’s Balcony movie review: men, cross women at your peril

Fri Jul 14 2017, 06:19pm | 5 comments

A slyly wise, hugely entertaining portrait of an Orthodox Jewish community that loses its joy when a newcomer sows discord. You don’t have to be religious to love it.

Cars 3 movie review: road to nowhere

Fri Jul 14 2017, 04:10pm | 9 comments

Three movies in, and this world of sentient driverless cars still creeps me out, and still does nothing except advertise a mountain of related merch for kids.

one big reason why I love ‘House of Cards’ (spoiler: its depiction of women wielding power)

Wed Jul 12 2017, 10:39pm | 3 comments

Because it features so many women who are smart, capable, and wield power like men do. But even so, there has not previously been a moment as powerful as this one in S05E07.

curated: a whole buncha critics (including me) on the best movies of 2017 so far

Wed Jul 12 2017, 10:11pm | 0 comments

Polled for this was my top 10 so far…

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Wed Jul 12 2017, 05:06pm | 1 comment

You should barely notice any difference, though…

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