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MaryAnn’s quick take: Dishearteningly less concerned with giving Natasha Romanoff her own story than with setting up her MCU replacement. Black Widow is superfluous, backward-looking, its bit of feminism belabored. She deserved better. Read the review…

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My Octopus Teacher documentary review: out of the way, human (#Netflix) - This otherwise gorgeous nature documentary is marred by the banal self-therapy of its human protagonist... and he is nowhere near as interesting as the manic pixie dream octopus who changes his life.

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The Body Fights Back documentary review: food for thought - Honest, compassionate, and very necessary, this is a provocation, a challenge to our individual and cultural preconceived notions about and neurotic relationships to food, weight, and body image.

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Sweat movie review: let’s get metaphysical - Nuanced, sensitive peek into the world of a social-media influencer, with a beautiful central performance. Uncynical and pragmatic about the seachange human society has endured in the 21st century.

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