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MaryAnn’s quick take: Idris Elba fights a lion. This is what we are promised with Beast, and this is what we get. The purity is sort of beautiful. But is it a failure of the movie, or a success, that it treats such nonsense earnestly? Read the review…

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directed by women

Good Luck to You, Leo Grande movie review: come as you are - Full of honesty and humanity, utterly lacking in shame over a basic human need, the female experience of which is almost universally ignored onscreen. Light, funny, diverting. So why was I bawling?

movies for the resistance

My So-Called Selfish Life documentary review: TFW you lack that certain “maternal instinct” - Dismantles myths about motherhood and misconceptions about child-free women with brisk, cheeky humor and intersectionality, and begins to build the cultural scripts we need for paths without kids.

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Passing movie review: the realities and fallacies of race - Everything about this astonishing, just-plain-satisfying film feels like a revelation. Bone-deep subversive yet universal, dripping with a quiet dread yet also beautiful and beautifully wise.