Wonder Woman: The Complete First Season (review)

“Wondaaaaa Womannnnn! Wondaaaaa Womannnnn!” Oh man, I’d forgotten that refrain accompanying every kick and punch in the Amazon princess’s fight for truth, justice, and the American way, but one chorus of it and I’m back on the elementary school playground, spinning that Wonder Woman spin and off to save the world. Any thirtysomething American woman today who says she didn’t secretly dream about being Wonder Woman as an eight-year-old is lying, I tell you, lying. But oh, what a tremendous hoot this series is today. Produced in the mid 70s and set during World War II, this hilariously pulpy series, based on the classic DC comic, is doubly retro, sort of “Springtime for Hitler” meets Gloria Steinem. Campy and colorful, these 13 episodes (plus the 90-minute pilot movie) throw in everything from bungling Nazis attempting diabolic plots against Uncle Sam and goofy secret American spy missions behind enemy lines to an alien visitor contemplating destroying the entire planet. And that’s before you even get to Wonder Woman’s (former Miss USA Lynda Carter) invisible plane, her golden lasso of truth, or the fact that her lunkheaded Ken doll of a boss at the War Department, Major Steve Trevor (Lyle Waggoner), has no clue that his secretary, Yeoman Diana Prince, is secretly Wonder Woman. Most mysterious of all, perhaps, is why Prince — who hails from the monarchy of “Paradise Island” — would fight for the “old red, white and blue” or why her costume should symbolize her devotion to democracy when she’s the happy scion of privileged royals. Still: You go, girl. Wondaaaaa Womannnnn!

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