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Changing Rooms: Trust Me… I’m a Designer (review)

The Brits invented reality decorating and guerrilla design, and here it is in all its (dubious) glory. This compilation disc, which collects high- and lowlights from the BBC TV series (which has inspired numerous imitations on American cable), features a slew of designers with over-the-top, made-for-TV personalities who deploy garish colors and outlandish do-it-yourself projects in the homes of the unsuspecting, whose reactions run the gamut from “Oh my god!” to “I hate it.” There is a kind of sadistic pleasure to be had, if that’s your thing, in the looks of horror on the faces of the homeowners who’ve been hit-and-run by the mondo decorators, for whom the worst than can be said about a room is that it’s “terribly neutral.” The extras more than double the disc’s running time, and include never-before-seen featurettes with the designers discussing their favorite and/or memorable projects.

MPAA: not rated

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